Development alternatives.

I just finished reading the first in a series of blog posts by developer Jesse Warden on Agile development practices. It’s long, but I have found it really insightful to read about how others do things to deal with the same issues we all come across.

As I understand it, Agile development is a process squarely different from the process that an advertising project typically follows. I have had similar thoughts to Jesse’s on working with agencies:

“Working with Design Agencies, there was no process. Not because Agencies are dumb, but rather because the project timelines Agencies have are typically significantly shorter than traditional software or product development. On average, 2 weeks vs. 4 months. While a deadline can stretch to 4 months, you only work 10 man days on it, and of those 10, 5 are done initially, and the other 5 are done over the course of 2 or 3 months on client changes. In short, if you have 5 days to complete a complicated coding project, you’re more focused on getting things done than you are worrying about encapsulation, continuous integration, and frameworks. Writing code on day 1, and wondering who in the heck has time for UMLand test cases. Agencies are deadline driven, whereas in software development, nothing is ever on time.”

I’m going to read on when I get more time. It would be interesting to hear what you think.