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A bitter taste…

Delicious Disaster: Lessons from a Complete Failure

Delicious is a bitter lesson for everyone. It’s the difference between how people actually use a product versus how rich, out-of-touch knuckleheads think people should be using that product, all to further their own self-interests.

If you make a startup we like, such as Delicious: please don’t sell it.

And if you do, and it ends up like this, mangled by carpetbaggers – screw you guys. Seriously.

Well, Delicious, it was nice while it lasted.

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Drew Breunig on Facebook’s new focus.

Timeline isn’t perfect, but it’s an amazing accomplishment. Exploring your life with the year navigation controls is an emotional, reflective experience. For the first time in years, Timeline made me wish I had captured more stories with Facebook. And I’m sure that’s exactly Facebook’s intent.

I was sympathizing with Drew this morning. I think that Facebook’s new Timeline addresses a desire most of us have, whether realized or not…

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Git merge strategy.

First off, I’ve been using Git almost exclusively for projects over the last year or so.

Mom, Git is versioning tool that developers (that’s me) use to keep track of the changes they make in their projects so that they don’t go crazy when they break something.

At first, after switching from SVN, it was a bit difficult wrapping my head around the new workflow and discovering its advantages, but lately I’ve really begun to get excited about all the advanced features Git makes available…

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Google Voice open to the public.

I was one of the few lucky users to receive a Google Voice invite pretty early in the game, so I’ve been using it for a few months now. I found a good use for Google number even before I had an Android phone, using it to receive voicemail, like this one, while I was away this winter. Engadget just reported that Voice has been opened to the public!

I just need to get my parents on board now. There are literally 5 different numbers to call between the 2 of them.

More on the Google Voice Features page.

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I wish this didn’t matter as much as it actually does.

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Custom URLLoader with timeout.

I came across an issue yesterday loading ads from For some reason, the crossdomain.xml file from was unavailable and the URLLoader class making the call eventually threw a Security Error, as the crossdomain policy is the first thing it looks for when making calls outside the SWF’s Security Domain. This is easily handled [...]

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What I learned today: setting up svn externals.

Pretty straightforward stuff. It’s a simple propedit call, propedit svn:externals ., where ‘.‘ is the directory’s property you would like to edit. I’ve been adding external library linkage to the top-level directory in the repository to keep everything in the same place, but it really doesn’t matter where you add your external links. The link [...]

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Last resort.

Feeling disconnected from the rest of the Internet because of Twitter being down, I resorted to updating my Facebook status manually with a quick message about now being able to Tweet about Twitter being down, only to receive this error message: Transport error (#1001) while retrieving data from endpoint `/ajax/updatestatus.php’: A network error occurred. Check [...]

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ThunderBolt AS3 debugging.

I’ve been taking a look at a new (to me) debugging utility for AS3 called ThunderBolt. You can use the ThunderBolt library to send debugging info to the console in Firebug. Additionally, the ThunderBolt AS3 console is a standalone AIR app that displays all the same data without Firebug installed. At the very least, it’s [...]

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